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Wedding Receptions



From experience 24seven knows that planning a wedding reception is no simple task. Many decisions need to be made in order to ensure everyone (like the band, the photographer and caterer) knows when things are to occur. Below is a list to help coordinate the event with the band.

*** Checklist ***

Click here to see a list of songs for the first dance
  1. Setup: Where exactly will the band setup? Are there any restrictions as to when they can set up and tear down?
  2. Schedule: When will the following events occur? See typical schedule below for a guide.
  3. Wedding party: What names will be announced? Please convey the correct order and pronunciation like Ianni (eye-ANN-ee) unless obvious.
  4. Special songs: What songs will be used for:
    • Bride-groom dance? Click here for some song suggestions.
    • Parentís dance?
    • Wedding party dance?
    • Others?
  5. Music Preference: Do you prefer that certain types of music be played more or avoided? Try to remember who your guests will be.
    • Pop - like No Doubt, Jennifer Lopez and Whitney Houston
    • Classic Rock - like The Beatles and Rolling Stones
    • Country - like Brooks & Dunn, Faith Hill and Toby Keith
    • Disco - like YMCA, Macarina and Electric Slide
    • R&B - like Kool & The Gang and Earth, Wind & Fire
    • Techno - high energy music like C'mon Ride The Train by Quad City DJs
    • Modern Rock - like Blink 182 and Three Doors Down
    • Big Band - like Glenn Miller; used mostly early in the reception
    • Polka/Special - such as Chicken Dance, Beer Barrel Polka, Hokey Pokey and Bunny Hop

*** Typical Schedule ***

Most wedding receptions have a time where the bride and groom dance alone (the "first dance"), with their parents and with the wedding party. This is a good tradition but many guests tend to get restless if it lasts too long. Consider using only part of a song for each "dance." Perhaps use the first verse of a song for bride & groom alone, second verse with parents and third verse with wedding party. Also be sure everyone involved knows when these ceremonial dances will be so they can take care of bathroom breaks beforehand.
TimeEventSuggested Music
5:00Guests arriveLight background music
5:45Wedding party arrivesAnnounce names, music builds up to entrance of bride & groom
6:00Dinner servedLight music (slightly more upbeat)
7:00Toasts/dedicationsNone or very light background
7:15Bride-groom DanceBallad reflecting love between husband & wife
Parent's DanceBallad reflecting love & respect of parents
Wedding Party DanceBallad reflecting friendship
Cut the cakeLight background music
7:30DancingFast dance music
7:45Garter & Bouquet Toss"The Stripper" for taking off garter & puttin it on lady who caught bouquet
Drum rolls for tossing garter and bouquet
8:00-10:00DancingFast dance with slow dance songs mixed in

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