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Entertainment for special events usually comes down to either a band or disc jockey. Bands are exciting but are often out of budget, and recorded music all night doesn't make for a special event.

John Ianni (pronounced eye-ANN-ee) provides the best of both worlds. He is accomplished at keyboards and vocals, and also plays guitar and harmonica. His laptop computer acts as a full-sounding backing band. This plus a large collection of DJ material for the price of a DJ.

John has lead off for a number of national acts including K.C. & The Sunshine Band, The Motels, The Oak Ridge Boys and Henry Lee Summer. He has also worked with members of The Ohio Players (Love Rollercoaster), Chicago (Broadway musical), A Chorus Line (Broadway musical), Midnight Star (No Parking On The Dance Floor), The Doobie Brothers and Steely Dan.


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John plays with the band
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Or he can provide a duo/trio by adding a female vocalist and/or guitarist.

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